DIY hack: shortening your trousers

DIY HACK: How to Shorten Your Trousers

If you're not what's considered "model height" or otherwise the remaining 90% of us then you've experienced this. You've bought a nice pair of trousers or a jumpsuit and it fits perfect but it's a little too long. Not all of us are blessed with sewing skills so we've come up with a quick DIY hack on how to shorten your trousers in a few simple steps.  

DIY: shorten your trousers without cutting or sewing

1. Find two stretchy hairbands. Might sound bizarre but all you need to do is pull it over your feet and above the trousers.

2. Place it just where your trousers end and throw the excess material over to hide it. 

3. Play around with the material and ensure it's even all around. This DIY works best when the trousers aren't too flared because otherwise it will start flowing out or look scrunched up at the bottom. 

4. (Optional) Add some safety pins to secure it in place once your happy with the final look. 

And there you have it, the easiest way to shorten your trousers - works an absolute treat when you're in a rush! Have a go and tag us on your looks. 

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