How To: DIY Sleeves for Sleeveless Dress

How To: DIY Sleeves for Sleeveless Dress

Okay, so we've all been there. Fallen in love with the dress but if only it had sleeves.

Whether it's because you're after modest fashion or feeling self-conscious about showing your arms, it's always a downer having to take your dream dress back out of your shopping basket. 

Not anymore. Here are two easy steps to DIY sleeves for a sleeveless dress. Put your sewing kit away, all you need is a pair of tights and scissors. 

Step one: 

Lay the tights out and cut a v-shape at the crotch. Place your scissors on the crotch (as shown in the video) to visually see the v shape and where you should be cutting. 

Make sure the hole isn't too big as you can easily stretch it with your hands or cut more if necessary. Ideally you want the hole big enough to sit under the neckline of your dress so it blends nicely. 

Step two: 

Hold the length against your arms to find where you need to cut. Make sure you're not stretching it so it's not too short. Don't worry if you haven't cut it completely straight - it's barely noticeable once you wear it. 

And voila - you have sleeves for your sleeveless dress! You can get tights in any colour to match your dress and give it a go. Tag us on your final looks to be featured - go go go!

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