Stockist guidelines

Congratulations, you're almost a Shimmi stockist! Can't wait to see our designs in your business. As part of the final stage, please see our guidelines below and email "accept" to with the subject line 'Stockist guidelines' so we can begin processing your order. 

Shimmi partnership 

Stockists are required to clearly identify and indicate that the products they are promoting are part of Shimmi Dresses. This can be achieved by prominently displaying our brand name, logo, or other approved branding elements on their e-commerce store, product listings, marketing materials, and any other relevant promotional channels. The branding should be displayed in a way that is easily noticeable and clearly communicates association. It is important that stockists do not misrepresent or obscure the fact that the products they are promoting are part of Shimmi Dresses. 


As part of onboarding, we will provide our official brand logo in high-resolution digital formats in PNG. We will also include brand guidelines to ensure consistency across promotional elements. 


Refunds and exchanges are not available as part of wholesale orders. 

Customer support 

There is a threshold businesses must meet before becoming a stockist. if you've made it this far we trust that your business is established with a smooth customer support process! While we take no responsibility for your customer relations we hope that you can provide a smooth purchase experience for consumers interested in Shimmi products.