Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

Weddings are magical, no questions asked. But I'm sure you'll all agree that they can be stressful too. In many cultures, there's more than just the big day. For example, a typical Pakistani wedding includes three events including Mehndi night (bridal shower), Nikkah (ceremony to tie the knot) and Valimah (wedding reception). That's a lot of money to be spent, gifts to be bought and of course, outfits to be planned. 

While it might be easy to throw something together on a day out or intimate gathering, weddings can be tricky as you need to look your best for the big day but not seem like you're trying to steal the spotlight! 

What is the wedding guest dress code? 

Some weddings might include a dress code like traditional attire or a set theme but in most cases an evening dress is appropriate. There are a variety of styles to choose from but these are the main categories: 
1. Cocktail dress - typically midi-length and can range from simple to extravagant with sequins 
2. Ballgown - Comes fitted at the top, cinched in at the waist and has a dramatic skirt.
3. Evening maxi dress - the clue is in the name. This one is floor length and while you can find simple styles, they're usually embellished with sequins to be more evening appropriate. Unlike ballgowns, they tend to be less puffy and come in bodycon or flowy designs. 

Wedding location 

Location of the wedding can give you the biggest steer on outfit choice. The last thing you want to do is rock up in a black velvet dress in an outdoor wedding with the sun beaming down on you.
As a general rule of thumb, you want to go for neutral or bright colours for outdoor events and more dark and dressy outfits indoors, particularly if it's an extravagant venue. 

Wedding guest dress colours 

Which brings us to our next point. What are the best colours to wear as a wedding guest? You can probably guess that white is ruled out of this list. However, the good news is that there aren't really any other limitations. 
It can be tempting to instantly opt for black. It's no secret that it's flattering for most body types. If you choose to go for a darker colour in a summer wedding, pay close attention to the material so you're not suffering in the heat. If you go for an evening dress with sleeves, we recommend lace or a style that's loosely fitted around the sleeves. Try and pair your dress with either bright accessories or lip colour - after all it's a happy occasion!  
Black lace dress with sleeves
Neutral and light colours are most popular all year round and a great way to celebrate in style. Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone with your hair and makeup if you opt for a more simple dress. 
light colour evening dress with sleeves

Wedding guest dress ideas 

Now that we have the top three considerations out the way, let's dive straight into dress inspiration and what's trending. 
Dress with trail 
If you're looking for a showstopper, look no further than a dress with a trail. These gems are trending and will no doubt have heads turning. The size and drama of your train will be determined by your preference and budget. 
Black evening dress with train
Cape dress 
If you want a statement dress that does't need the company of jewellery or accessories, you need a cape dress. It goes one step beyond the usual and will have you stand out in a sea of regular evening dresses. The best part? Some capes can be detached which means you can wear it more than once and style it differently. 
Maroon cape dress
Keep it classic 
If you're on the hunt for a wardrobe staple that's suitable for an array of events and occasions, opt for something simple. Like our classic black velvet dress. Every girl needs a wardrobe staple because let's be honest, we're all guilty of leaving these things last minute. 
Black velvet dress with sleeves
Wrap dress 
Accentuate your curves with another classic - the wrap dress. This style is particularly complimenting for women with a larger chest area.