top 5 engagement party decoration ideas

Top five affordable engagement party decoration ideas

Planning an engagement party is exciting because unlike weddings, they're usually quite intimate and less formal. As pioneers in modest evening dresses, we love being part of your special moments and often get snippets of some amazing events. We've compiled our top five affordable engagement party decor ideas - trendy and instaworthy approved! 

1. Bohemian theme

What we love most about a bohemian theme is the relaxed and effortless vibe. You don't need to go out your way to buy matching accessories or extravagant centrepieces. It's all about creating a natural feel with rustic wood, neutral colours and layering similar patterns. Choosing your engagement dress is equally as important. We recommend something flowy and simple like our long floral pink dress with flared sleeves

bohemian engagement party


2. Touch of metallic 

This is one that's trendy but will never go out of style for its simplicity.  You want to keep colours neutral and let the metallic accessories do the talking. We're particularly keen on a balloon arch as the centrepiece decoration - it's affordable and picture perfect! But remember it's your night. Don't be afraid to steal the spotlight with a stunning sequin evening dress. Something like Gatsby - glam and reasonably priced. 

Metallic theme engagement party ideas 

3. Go floral

Floral theme parties have been trending for a while and it looks like they are here to stay. Using flowers as your base makes it a lot easier to build on and pulls your decorations together nicely. For example, opting for a flower wall will give you a sense of direction on colour scheme and accessories. When thinking about your outfit, you don't want your dress to clash with your decorations. It's why we recommend a more simple fit like our lace evening dress with sleeves

floral theme engagement party

4. Filled with memories 

It's always heartwarming going down memory lane. Share your special moments with guests by adding polaroids as decorations or even playing memory games. Make it even more personalised by adding photos of memories you've shared with your guests as table decorations - not only will your friends and family be flattered but they'll have something nice to take home. 

 polaroid engagement party

5. Winter wonderland 

A winter wonderland themed party means two things - sparkles and lots of cosy touches. The best part is you can DIY majority of them such as fairly lights in a glass jar, pine cone wreath or paper snowflakes. Other ideas include a hot chocolate bar or s'mores station with biscuits, chocolate and marshmallows to melt over tea lights. Don't be afraid to go all out for your engagement party dress - we recommend sequins with princess vibes like our  cape dress

 winter wonderland engagement party

 There you have it - our top five decor ideas with the perfect engagement party dress to go with it. Don't forget to tag us or hashtag #shimmitime if you end up recreating any of them we'd love to see!