9 Modest Fashion Influencers that deserve more recognition

9 Modest Fashion Influencers that deserve more recognition

Modest fashion has taken over! And yes, We're all guilty of following influencers' lifestyles to try keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. No doubt you would have come across big names with millions of followers like Dina Tokio, Hijabi Hills or Ascia. We wanted to share nine modest influencers we think deserves more recognition. 



Yes, she has 223k followers and is doing amazing but she certainly needs more recognition. The UK-based modest fashion influencer definately knows how to serve face and style. Kaoutar helps keep you up-to-date with makeup tutorials and dress-up videos. We also love that she's not shy of experimenting new styles and accessorising her hijab to give it a modern-twist.


Hassy's minimalist and elegant slant to modest fashion is what attracted us to her page. Another UK-based modest influencer that keeps giving us different chic fashion looks perfect for both fancy days out and work.



Meet the German influencer, Laria, with 12.5k followers on Instagram. We love that she effortlesly rocks street style so modestly, giving us the perfect balance. Laria gives us the confidence to layer different statement pieces to create a unique look and has a unique way of making western fashion, more modest-friendly. Check her instagram out, we know you'll love it! 



Nunu is a North African influencer with 6,216 followers on Instagram. We love that she shows us modest fashion can be edgy too! Nunu wearing the modest Nikewear is a perfect example of her bold but fun approach to modest fashion. She certainly isn't afraid of mixing and matching to create the best street-style. 
A quick scroll through Sarah's feed shows she's got a thing for nature and neutral aesthetics - she often poses her modest outfits surrounded by greenery and the sun giving peaceful chilled vibes. The LA-based Influencer has 61.1k followers, she certainly has her own approach on how to kill a sleek, minimalist look modestly along with giving the glamorous LA vibes.
Zara's love for candyfloss pastels and modest classy wear is what makes her unique on Instagram. She has an eye for picture perfect spots around London to create aesthetic posts which will also tempt you to follow! Her style gives fancy tea party vibes and we love it! If you have an interest in the rich UAE modest fashion then give her a follow, she'll keep you up-to-date!
Ok serious talk, how does Warda only have 24.3k followers? Her sense of fashion is ARTISTIC. An expert at mixing colours and experimenting different fun and bright looks. Warda's instagram show that wearing modest wear doesn't have to limit what you can wear. Give her page a follow and you'll question why she hasn't been featured on any editorial magazine. 


Miss Mulberry has 86.2 followers on instagram, she's known for her fashion, beauty and travel posts. We love that her fun, modest holiday-wear outfits are also accompanied by aesthetically pretty backgrounds. To be honest, we just can't get enough of her simple and cute sense of style!