The Little Black Dress Timeline

The Little Black Dress Timeline

little black dress represents effortless elegance, simplicity, and style. The dress is now a wardrobe essential because it is iconic, versatile, and timeless, as you can wear it casually or accessorise it to be the showstopper of the event!

Thanks to Coco Chanel, the term 'little black dresses' has been dominating the world of fashion since the 1920s. Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Hurley play a part in creating the initial buzz around LBD.  There’s plenty of blogs showcasing the classic LBD but we’re here with a little twist. We want to show you that the classic little black dress doesn't always have to be LITTLE and the beauty of the LBD term is that it ranges from long occasion dresses to simple workwear. 

The little black dress has stayed as staple fashion ever since Audrey Hepburn wore it with pearls in “Breakfast at Tiffany's” (1961). This gave people the courage to style the little black dress as they want and also shows that a LBD can be a long evening dress too. 


LBD doesn't always have to be the 'safe choice'. Princess Diana's ‘revenge dress’ after her divorce to Prince Charles shows us otherwise! The media raged about the The off-the-shoulder design being 'too daring', but it was this little black dress that helped Princess Diana slowly become a fashion icon. 


If we picked a Shimmi 'revenge dress', it would be this velvet long black dress! There's just something so luxurious about black velvet.

There's not such thing as a good fashion blog without a Rihanna feature! She's mostly known for her fierce style, who dresses for herself and doesn't follow fashion rules!  Yet, the fashion icon, Rihanna accepted Most Desirable Women Award in 2014 wearing a slinky classic little black dress. Her midi LBD was accessorised with minimal jewellery and a long dark wavy wig. Simple but ICONIC. 

"The little black dress is a uniform for all women of taste.” By Coco Chanel

The beauty of the little black dress is the versatility! No matter your shape or size, you will always look stunning in a little black dress. That's an unwritten rule everyone knows. Plus-size model, Ashley Graham has styled many little black dresses over the past fews. Here's a personal favourite!


We all own a little black dress. It has saved us when we have had nothing to wear to a last minute event. So we wanted to share some of our Shimmi LBD favourites:

CRIMSON - Our go-to long black bodycon dress with sleeves

LADY IN LACE - a must-have black lace evening dress with sleeves

IRIS - lightweight and simple black modest wrap dress