It's prom season! Modest Prom Trends 2022

It's prom season! Modest Prom Trends 2022

It's your final year - you've worked hard enough and now need our help to find the perfect modest prom dress. Switching up from revision to intense long hours of dress hunting can be a daunting experience for those who dress modestly. That's why we've compiled a list of the latest trends and some stunning modest prom dresses you don’t want to miss out on! 

1. It's all about pastels this summer! 

I think it's fair to say we're all a bit obsessed with Bridgerton and the regency era. We've launched a collection specifically for our prom audience - it's all about the soft pastels this year, so look out for candy floss pink, dusty grey and cotton cream. However, we do have a personal favourite we cannot gatekeep from our prom attendees as we know it'll be a guaranteed showstopper.                                             

2022 Trend Alert: Sage! 

If you're looking to tap into your soft feminine side after the hectic few weeks of sitting in lounge wear revising, sage is your colour. What every girl could appreciate about this earthy soft colour is that it compliments all skin tones whilst making sure it give you your own uniqueness. 

We also understand it can be painfully difficult to find a modest sage evening dress so we've made sure to give you that with a matching hijab. 


2. Flowy dresses for the romantic aesthetic 

We simply cannot overlook the power a flowy dress holds at a party - let's admit, walking in wearing a shimmery long-sleeve a-line sequin evening dress is every modest girl's dream. It's simply magical and the Pinterest look we've all wanted to achieve for the longest time. Our enchanting design has a soft romantic feel to make sure all eyes are on you. We also love that modest a-line dresses are perfect for most body types.

Shimmi advice: When searching for a modest prom dress, it's important to understand that specific dress types may work best for you. For example, an A-line dress might be right for you if you’re petite. If you're larger on top then you might not want to opt for this dress as it may not flatter your figure how you like. That being said, we believe it's important to wear what you feel comfortable in, so if you want that a-line dress, get it girl cause we know you'll slay. 


3. The "Bridgerton effect"

The search for floral dresses have massively increased this year showing us that while the design of evening dresses have changed, we're still obsessed with floral appliqués. 

As Bridgerton continues to trend this year - evening dress brands are getting creative; bringing you period pieces with a modern twist - we've gone the extra mile to give you this with modesty. 











One word: WOW. Though The Featherington's were notoriously known to have over-the-top and tacky sense of style, we all agree that their love for florals inspired us all. We combined the florals with the soft pastel looks both Edwina and Daphne showcased to create Nasrin

So If you're looking to attend your prom dressed the best of both the regency and modern era - we have the perfect floral modest evening dress for you. 

4. Sparkles and Glam 

After the difficulties we endured the past two years, Prom 2022 will be all about the shimmer, sequins, pearls and iridescent glitter and we made sure to give that all to you with modesty.

We recommend: Chai - Pearl Cream Embellished Modest Maxi Dress, Aleya - Grey Sequin Maxi Dress With Long Sleeves and Giselle - Pink Embellished Long Sleeve Evening Dress to give you the sparkle you deserve. 

 The big event is around the corner, so you don’t have much time. Shop your favourite modest prom dress before it's too late and make sure to tag us!