Your Modest Prom Dress Guide

Your Modest Prom Dress Guide

A perfect prom is every girl’s dream and we all know finding a modest dress that fits your style, personality and budget is an important part of the prom experience. You’ve probably got a mental checklist for how the night will be set out and you may have an idea of what dress you’re looking for?

But before you start your prom dress shopping, see our 3 top tips on finding your dream modest prom dress.

Rule number 1: set your budget

So, how much are you planning to spend on your dream dress?
Before you start the hunt, you will need to set up your budget… This will save you from pointless window-shopping and help filter out what you’re looking for!

Take a few minutes to figure this one out.
You might be tempted to overspend but you don't need to break the bank to look glam! 

Rule number 2: pick your makeup style

You need to make sure your makeup compliments your dress!
- Try not to be too matchy-matchy!  
- Avoid colour clashes
Don't let this be the reason why you avoid sharing prom throwbacks!  Go classic or bold but just make sure it compliments your dress!

Step number 3: pick your style 

We’ve rounded up the top 3 trendy design features for a modest prom dress look.
Trying to get a more elegant look? Opt for a high-neck! 
Remember -
- A high-neck dress means you don’t have to shop for a pendant/necklace 
- Also a great choice if you want to go for the turban-style hijab look.



There's just something about a dress with a trail that brings out a girl’s inner princess!


Flowy Sleeved Prom Dresses!
Sleeved dresses may be the biggest cliche look if you’re looking for modest wear  - but it doesn’t always have to be a simple long-sleeved dress! 
For a modest fun look, take a look at flowy sleeved dresses or opt for kimono style.


You’re finally ready! Now go find your dream modest prom dress
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