Long Sleeve Sequin Dress Style Guide

Long Sleeve Sequin Dress Style Guide

Sequin dresses have made a comeback since its peak in the early 2000s and they're better than ever before. You might not always have an occasion to dress fancy but that's why you need to make it count when you do! Wearing a long sleeve sequin dress can feel a little over the top so here's our guide with top celeb looks and how to take your styling to the next level. 


Anne Hathaway stole the spotlight in the Golden Globe Awards in her glimmering Armani Prive all sequins dress. It even made the cut to Harper Bazaar's  top 100 red carpet looks. But here's what to note: her shimmering dress was the main accessory - notice how minimal her jewellery and clutch are? That's the secret to styling a sequin evening dress with sleeves! You can shop a similar look from our modest sequin evening dress collection.

Anne Hathaway Golden Globe Awards - Sequin Evening Dress With Sleeves



It might be tempting to go with trends but you'll never regret sticking to a classic look. Eva Herzigova styled her blush pink sequin dress with a Hollywood inspired hairdo for the Cannes Film Festival. The neckline on her sequin dress is also low enough to rock a beautiful statement necklace. 


Eva Herzigova long sleeve sequin dress



Gone are the days where slicked stack buns were cool. Everyone wants to look their best but no one wants to make it look like they're trying and nothing says effortless like beach wave curls or a loose up do. Kim Kardashian let her dress do the talking and was styled casual at the Vogue Festival. Who says you can't style a sequin evening dress casually? 

Kim Kardashion - Vogue Festival - Sequin Dress With Sleeves



Following from our point about being effortless, neutral glam goes hand in hand with sequin dresses. Soft smokey eye makeup paired with nude lipstick is always a safe bet. Just look at how effortlessly Jennifer Lopez wore this embroidered mirror mosaic long-sleeved evening dress AKA disco ball. You can shop a similar look with our balloon sleeve sequin evening dress

Jennifer Lopez - Long Sleeve Sequin Evening Dress - 2019 Oscars



Bella Hadid turned every head in the room as she flaunted her sequin Burgundy dress with sleeves down the runway. The model had her locks pulled back with a tight up do, minimal makeup and stunning statement earrings.

If effortless is what you're going for, pay close attention to the sequins. Notice how lightweight her dress looks? The beads almost look like a smooth polished finish.

Bella Hadid Burgundy long sleeve sequin dress


We can go on about sequin dresses and pairing accessories for days but we'll leave it at that for now! Hope you found our guide to long sleeve sequin dresses useful. Follow our series on how to style modest evening dresses. 

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