The Lockdown Guide Saga: Bride to be edition

The Lockdown Guide Saga: Bride to be edition

This post is dedicated to all our spring/summer brides that have been a victim of this pandemic. Yes, lockdown has eased and we’re now allowed to hold wedding parties - but in the UK, that’s only allowed under strict government guidelines including the controversial rule of a 30 people only allowance.

And we all know this may be extremely difficult for cultures such as the Asian and Middle Eastern community, as the weddings typically consist of 200 minimum guests.

Couples have either delayed or cancelled their big events or found creative ways to get married while adhering to the restrictions.So how many of you are debating whether to wed or not to wed during this eased lockdown period?

For our Muslim brides that are waiting for the lockdown to be completely lifted. Here’s 3 tips to help you cope and see the silver lining in this chaos.

  1. Extra time to plan
    Time is precious during the planning period and you now have more of it to reflect, perfect and include everything that you might have forgotten about earlier. So I guess that means you most likely won’t experience the bridezilla moments.. Research and explore different themes, makeup and maybe learn the choreographed dance you didn’t have time to practice before lockdown.
  1. Lockdown bridal shower
    Don’t let corona stop you from planning an inexpensive bridal shower with your girlfriends. You don’t have to go all out to throw a memorable bridal shower! Get your girls together, pick a theme and make sure you have lots of games to keep your guests entertained.
  1. Up your self-care game to achieve the ultimate bridal glow-up 
    Your physical and mental health is important and we don’t want you to neglect it! Practice daily meditation, eat well and do your daily workout – you’ve got a wedding to prepare for.

BRIDES - listen up! We understand this is a difficult time for you as all your plans and dreams have been postponed. We most definitely don’t want to invalidate your distress during this pandemic. So as a way to show we are thinking about you, we’ve planned a giveaway for our lovely lockdown brides! Our bestseller from our modest dress collection is up for grabs. 

LADIES, go on our Instagram and tag 3 brides for a chance for them to win a Shimmi Dress, and brides let your friends and family know about so that they can tag you.