How to pick the perfect evening dress for each season

How to pick the perfect evening dress for each season

There are no rules on what evening dress to wear based on seasons. However, taking it into account will not only guarantee more comfort but also have you set with trending styles and colours.  

Summer Lovin'

Who doesn't love a summer party? Days are long and the nights short! It's when everyone's social calendars are jam packed with events including prom, engagements, weddings, birthdays, graduation parties and so much more!

The easiest way to dress for the season is to start by focusing on colour palettes

Pink/red shades and pastel colours compliment summer aesthetics so beautifully! whether you're the sister of the bride/groom, maid of honour or throwing an engagement party, we have a range of stunning evening dresses that will have you shinning under the bright rays. 

Also we understand it can be quite difficult to pick a modest evening dress that's breathable and sweat-friendly! It's important to go for lighter fabrics and make sure the evening dress isn't layered to make it summer friendly. If this struggle is relatable, you'll want to take a look at this sequin modest dress with sleeves

And then came FALL

The bitter truth is that seasons change, and after summer comes fall. Some would appreciate the break from the heat, while others will be dreading the cool weather. One thing we all agree on is that the autumn/winter colour trends are exciting and aesthetic for us all. 

The embodiment of autumnal shades for autumn - deep, creamy yellows. A gold evening dress at an autumn party works so well. Who else feels like an Egyptian queen wearing a gold evening dress? it just has that effect! 

Green has definitely won all our hearts this year! In particular, dark green would compliment the autumn theme. The rich tone could be worn to both big wedding events and small social events. 

If you're also into the richer tones, you'll want to take a look at this lace floor length modest evening dress with an extravagant trail.


'Tis The Season To Be Freezin

Many weddings have been pushed to Autumn/Winter due to the lockdown restrictions, so you're most likely invited to a winter wedding. You might be wondering what evening dress to wear? Hunting for the perfect winter evening dress can always be more tricker than the usual modest evening dress hunting. This is because many evening dresses focus on summer styles. It's also always a struggle deciding whether to firm the cold and showcase your evening dress or freeze yourself and compromise your evening dress details.

We say pick thick and flowing fabrics, as it would allow you to meet halfway - keep the cold at bay and stay functional but also look stunning dressed up. Winter is the best time to slay in a dress with features like voluminous skirts, embellished long-sleeve and even high-necklines. Evening dresses with long sleeves instantly become more seasonally appropriate. Fabrics such as velvet and silk work really well in this weather. 

A few Shimmi dresses that would suit a winter theme event

This long velvet sequin dress with a trail



Or maybe this long sleeve black bodycon dress 



Goodbye winter, hello Spring

It's time to get rid of the the velvet evening dresses as these are simply not right for the lighter months. Spring calls for lighter fabrics and brighter colours. 

An amazing spring evening dress is our red lace dress with sleeves. Our favourite feature of this dress is the trail, it is the perfect extra extension to its lace, figure-hugging design. Wear it with a pin-up blow-dry look and perspex heels to give the dress all the attention it deserves. 

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Spring? That's right, it's FLORAL season. Shimmi dresses have a range of floral evening dresses that would be perfect for any spring themed events.

Check out this floral red dress with sleeves, it's on sale too!