Eid preparation - modest evening gown

Eid preparation - modest evening gown

Ramadan Kareem, 

With Eid al-Fitr just around the corner, it's only right to publish a blog all about the Eid dress code this year. 

The national lockdown lifted on the 14th of April - which means Eid does not have to be spent dressing up at home, and making video calls to family members to celebrate with you. 

Ramadan is a period of self-learning and mindfulness. Women often come out of this period with a keenness to explore and play with different colours, styles and silhouettes.

The most exciting and heartwarming part of Eid is how it is celebrated so diversely across different cultures, and how muslims all over the world use social media to express and show their individuality. Every culture has its own attire and style which may also differ depending on each person's preference. For instance, South Asians such as Pakistanis and Bengalis wear their traditional Shalwar Kameez. Afghans wear their Peran e Afghani and Somalis wear their Dirac. It's also heartwarming to see Muslim in the west, from diverse backgrounds explore and embrace modest evening gowns from different cultures. 

Dress code: 

There's no such thing as a dress code for Eid but we all do want to look our best. Since we've endured 3 long and lonely lockdowns, it is only right to go for a dramatic look. As a way to celebrate the new freedom this Eid, you can play around with different modest evening gowns. 

Struggling to Plan a Motive this Eid?

With social actiivities closed during the summer due to the lockdown restriction, we had no choice but to think creatively on how we could still meet up with friends and family in a socially distanced manner. Picnic quickly became the most popular summer trend. 

However picnics are no longer soggy tesco meal deals and your old picnic rug, it's now more elegant and aesthetic. Everyone on social media now has a stylish picnic post on their feed - cute set-ups including dried flowers, baskets and candles to make it more aesthetic. If the weather gets brighter then a family picnic would be a fun way to celebrate Eid.

Our Floral Spring/Summer campaign launched before Ramadan, it was inspired by the lockdown picnic trend. The photoshoot reflects how over the top and glamorised the simple things in life have become since Covid. Just because there are no weddings, proms or parties, doesn't mean we neglect our modest evening gowns. Gather your friends and families, hold a picnic and wear your elegant modest evening gown this Eid!

Floral modest evening gowns would be a perfect pick for this Eid and would also compliment the picnic aesthetics. Our pink floral modest evening gown complimented the traditional picnic set-up so well, giving it the royal touch it deserved!

Eid celebration inside the home 
It doesn't have to be extravagant to be a good Eid. Some of us live with vulnerable individuals which means going out is not an option - remember to stay safe and vigilant during this difficult time. Celebration can still take place while staying indoors. You can wear your favourite modest evening gown at home, hold a mini photoshoot and have a meal in the garden with your family members. Don't forget to also plan a day full of fun activities to make it extra special, and maybe FaceTime family and friends.  

For those who are not planning to look casual this Eid al-Fitr -
Here are a few recommended Shimmi Modest Evening Gowns:



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