Behind the Scenes: Summer Campaign

Behind the Scenes: Summer Campaign

It's been almost three months since our launch and we thought it's time to share our new lines and introduce our summer campaign. 

As a new business, it's important for us to not only showcase our products but also what we're all about. When we set out to launch Shimmi, it was to help women all over the world find modest evening dresses.

While the term 'modest' is subjective, we want to cater to those who might be covering up for religious reasons or even not being comfortable wearing sleeveless dresses or revealing necklines. That's why initial stages of our planning always involve carefully selecting models that can show numerous ways of wearing our dresses. 

Shoot set up was every girl's dream - lots of flowers and pink backdrops! Here's a sneak peak of our range and behind the scene moments. 

Pink modest evening dress


pink evening dress with sleeves

green evening dress with sleeves

modest bridesmaid dresses