3 reasons to still dress up during lockdown

3 reasons to still dress up during lockdown

It's Day 728969362 of lockdown and we just want to put it out there that we’re tired, bored and feeling basic livin’ in loungewear! YEP,  going out-out is FORBIDDEN but this doesn’t mean you can’t bring the party to your home.
Dressing up helps boost your confidence, mood and make you feel powerful, even on dull days. So don't allow these difficult times stop you. 
Experiment Time
It's the best time to experiment! We never feel brave enough to risk taking an L with our outfits but now is the best time to explore different styles and get out of your comfort zone. Try that OTT sparkly long dress you've always considered, after all no one would ever know.
Heres one:
Lockdown Photoshoot
You do know you're literally living through a major historical event... so be prepared for your grandkids to ask you a million questions and when they ask for pictures, you need CUTE ones too! So organise your at-home photoshoot and force your sibling, partner, parents or pets into being your personal photographer. 
Heres one of our #Shimmigirls serving us looks during Lockdown. Steal Sania_xo's look in our long sleeve princess dress. 

 House Party and Chill

Whether it's to make TikTok videos, Insta lives or or you jumping onto House Party with your friends and family, we’ve got the perfect evening outfit that you can rock during lockdown.
Want something for a fun and chilled look that you can also rock as an elegant evening outfit? Say Hello to DAHLIA - our velvet evening jumpsuit will sure get all your House Party friends' attention! its an Easy choice.
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For date night or whatever 💕 #launchweek

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Now that we've changed your mind about dressing up during lockdown and you'e found your perfect modest outfit! Be sure to to hashtag #Shimmigirl to be featured on our page or our next blog!